Uphill Bliss ,   12x12 in Oil on Canvas |  BUY

Uphill Bliss, 12x12 in Oil on Canvas | BUY

Three of Marianne Gargour’s paintings grace my walls. Though each is quite different from the others all three have a quality of being lit from within, much like Marianne herself. Marianne approaches life with exuberance, thoughtfulness, and joy. She creates her paintings with great skill and always her lovely inner nature shines through.
— Kathy Power
Some people come into your life and their presence knocks at the sliding doors of our lives as if to say, hello friend, it’s nice to meet you, I’m here to stay. Over the last decade and a few hundred conversations later, I’ve watched an already highly skilled artist grow in her craft and become wiser as an artist. [...] I look forward to every time you bless us with your art.
— Bryan Voliton
I was drawn to her impressionistic use of light, color and bold brush strokes. Her depictions of beach scenes, landscapes, and bold still life induce happiness and warmth. I immediately purchased a few paintings for both my traditional home in Texas and my modern beach condo. [...] Though she evolves, her touch is always recognizable.
— Camille Kateb

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