My 670 square foot Studio in Deep Ellum is located in a 120 year-old Continental Gin building making it one of the oldest creative communities in Dallas.  It used to be a cotton gin factory. The railroad tracks would carry the machinery from Galveston to the rest of the world. I have been painting here since 2011. Come visit me.

"I am amazed at how much my work changed when I moved into my light filled studio with 11 feet high ceilings. When I arrived the first piece I made in my space was a small piece that 16x16in…. It was dwarfed by the wall. Now my paintings sizes range between 4x4 feet to 5x7 feet. The walls keep screaming to think bigger."

Studio Info

Continental Gin Building
3309 Elm Street
DALLAS, TX 75226
Behind the Continental lofts
in back parking lot