Move Boldly In The Direction Of Your Dreams


Dear Friends, 
I am excited to be embarking on a new journey of sharing my thoughts with you through a newsletter/blog. I will share some of my inspirations and ideas around how to sustain a habit of creativity. I wish to bring you along with me on my creative explorations. I hope to inspire you to dig deep and find your authentic voice of creativity and freedom. 



Creative Confidence by the Kelly Brothers.
Last Fall I read a great book by the Kelly brothers that inspired me to lean into the directions of my dreams. Rather than spend most of my time planning out a perfect entrance onto a stage that has no dress rehersal. I decided to just move boldly in the direction of my instincts. I started to actively learn, change, create and repeat in this direction. The Kelly Brothers talk about rapid innovation and growth. If you have a project in mind forget working on it alone and waiting for that perfect moment … as you might be creating your ideas in a vacume. Simply start on a project even if it is rough. Improve the work through continual communication, assessment and innovation.  This process has helped me grow tremendously.

So I ask you what dreams have you been holding back for the perfect moment to arrive? The moment is now! Wake up and start your day journaling and brainstorming whatever is on your mind. By the last page I bet you will hear a little voice pointing you in the direction of your dreams. Go for it!