A7_Fields of color.jpg

I wanted to share with you my newest Artist’s Statement. It keeps evolving.

There exists a space between our rational world and that of dreams; I consider this the glittering realm of creativity. This intangible process of making art keeps calling me to explore a timeless place where all possibilities exist. My artistic vision emerges from this «in-between» space that bridges the representational world and that of intuitive abstraction.

I create my visual experience tethered in reality and then I twist it around and show its underbelly. My images are altered by my primal need to share my unique transcendent experience. I fearlessly walk a tightrope between technique and whimsy, between rigor and complete abandon. There is a thrill to create something solid or real and then to be willing to destroy its perfection in hopes of exposing some intangible truth.

I embrace beauty, harmony, and the underlying chaos. I wish to bring this experience to others through my work and through my teaching. I believe that with enough training, persistence, and focus, we can all experience and express our personal vision for our lives. It is my wish to inspire others to boldly witness their own personal journey. I seek to give them the tools to express themselves so that they too can craft their own handmade reality.