• Marianne is an oil painter. Her style is termed abstract impressionism. 
  • She boldly paints traditional subjects with a contemporary flair.
  • Marianne has been the creative director of MG Painting & Design since 2006.
  • Marianne is of French culture, her work is infused with a Mediterranean light.
  • Craighead Green Gallery of the Dallas Design District has represented Marianne since 2012.
  • She had several Solo Shows in DC and recently at Craighead Green Gallery in 2016.
  • She has a large following in Dallas, DC, and in Europe.
  • She currently works in her Dallas Deep Ellum Studio at the Continental Gin Building. 
  • Marianne earned her undergraduate degree at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.
  • Marianne earned her Master of Fine Arts at Parsons School of Art and Design in NYC.
  • She has been teaching art to children and adults since 2000.
  • Grew up in a multicultural, French-speaking home in Maryland ten minutes from DC.
  • She currently lives with her husband, her two teenagers and her dog in Dallas, TX.



Graduate Certificate of Marketing, SMU                                          2015  

Texas A & M Commerce, Dallas, TX, MS in Graphic Design             2005
Academy of Arts SF, CA/ Animation                                                  1996
Parsons School ofArt & Design, NYC, Masters in Art                       1994
McGill University, Montreal, Canada, B.A.                                       1987-1991

Craighead Green Gallery- Dallas                                                      2016    Solo Show
Craighead Green Gallery- Dallas                                                      2015    Group Show
Craighead Green Gallery- Dallas                                                      2014    Group Show
Craighead Green Gallery- Dallas                                                      2013    Group Show
Craighead Green Gallery- Dallas                                                      2012    New Texas Talent Exhibit
Gallery La Reuse - Washington, DC                                                  2011    Solo Exhibit
Continental Gin Building- Dallas                                                       2011    Solo Exhibit
Haley Henmann Gallery -Dallas                                                        2010    Group Exhibit
Art Heist, EASL Dallas                                                                       2010    Group Exhibit
Mary Tomas Gallery- Dallas                                                              2009    Group Exhibit
Handbach Gallery - Lenox, MA                                                         2008    Group Exhibit
Susan Calloway Gallery - Washington,DC                                        2007    Solo Exhibit
Cerulean Gallery - Dallas, TX                                                            2006    Group Exhibit
Found Antiques Gallery - Dallas, TX                                                 2006    Group Exhibit              
Gallery La Reuse - Washington, DC                                                 1994    Solo Exhibit

Booker T.  Washington School for the Performing Arts                     2015
Bishop Lynch                                                                                      2015
Craft Guild of Dallas                                                                           2014

MG Painting and Design                                                Owner            2003-2016
Art Festivals - Productions and Sales                                            Art Director     2005- 2012                 
GroupArt Instruction for Adults - Dallas,                                        Instructor         2000-2016

Dallas International School, taught art in French                         Art Teacher     2008-09
Square One Advertising                                                                 Art Director2006
TracyLocke Advertising                                                                  Art Director    2006
Corporate Id. Print and Web work:                                                 Designer          2006-2013
Creative Arts Center - Dallas, TX                                                    Art Teacher      2007- 12
SMU Department of Public Relations and Design:                        Designer          2004
SMU                                                                                                 Internship        2004
Autodesk: 3-D Studio Max Demo, San Francisco          Artist               1999
Museum Of Children's Art & Oakland Public Schools, CA             Trained teachers 1994-97
Camp Chimney Corners - Beckett, Massachusetts                       Art Director   1994
Parsons School of Art and Design- NY                                           Asst.Instructor1993-1994
Phillips Art Museum -DC                                                                  Docent    1992

 LANGUAGES                                                                                  English, French , Spanish.