There exists a space between our rational world and that of dreams; this is the glittering realm of creativity. The intangible process of art making allows me to explore and witness the infinite possibilities that exist. My artistic vision is born within this « in-between » space that bridges the representational world and that of complete abstraction.

I embrace beauty, harmony, and the underlying chaos simultaneously. I seek to express my personal vision of emotion and unfiltered perception with confidence and abandon. I believe this imperfect contrast is born somewhere between the left & right brain where infinity and passion resides. I want to let go, to trust that the solution is already there, and to get out of my own way.

 I am not the solo conduit of my work. I am not in complete control of what I create. By abstracting the beauty in my surroundings through forms, color and intuitive marks I move away from a world of predefined objects; and express my personal vision of the world. The more I paint, the more I learn to surrender control. This creative place of surrender is a blissful realm where no lines and no divisions exist. The scene is no longer limited by what I see or know to be true. I am free to dream bigger, to express the external and internal beauty. Endless possibilities arise. I can breathe.

 With enough training, discipline, and abandon, we can all express our vision. It is my joy and calling to share my experience, my skills, and my humanity with others.- MG